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About Our Company

Founded on the values of blockchain pioneers, Keystodian Capital seeks to advance the growth and adoption of decentralized protocols to promote efficiency and accessibility of markets, information exchange, and commerce globally. We believe decentralized protocols create free and open systems far superior to even the most modernized systems of today. Our team has been involved in the blockchain industry since inception and has actively participated in every major industry evolution to date. We now use our expertise to lower barriers of entry to this incredible and transformative technology for others.


Our Mission

Efficient Service
Our team has up-scaled companies on the Fortune 200 level. We understand the secrets of process, quality management and service excellence and apply them to our business every day.
High Performance
Blockchains and digital assets are our passion, and we know what is required to get results. Our customers receive the benefit of our high standards and expectations.
Customer Satisfaction
Customers are the life of our company. Journey with us into the frontier of digital assets; you will be glad you chose Keystodian Capital.

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Why Choose Us

Full-Service Portfolio Management
Choose from our expert formulated strategies, or collaborate with us to build your own.
Blockchain Startup Consulting:
Does your startup need structure and process to up-scale? Let us help; there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
Key Recovery Signatory
Do you need a 3rd party to assist with asset transition that fulfills Final Wishes? We can provide secure storage using multi-signature wallets and complete your instructions should the unthinkable occur.

The Frontier is waiting. Let us be your guide.

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